Weekly favourites

My favourite song: ‘Gothic Lolita’ by Emilie Autumn. Listen to it here.

My favourite painting: ‘Workplace Monster’ by Matthew Gray Gubler. You can see it here.

My favourite photo: Shemar Moore and Matthew Gray Gubler. Cutest. Bromance. Ever. See le photo here.

My favourite blog: Zappa Blamma. He is a student from London who incessantly doodles and sells some of his creations to make extra cash. You can visit his blog here.

My favourite YouTuber: Tom Milsom AKA Hexachordal. His channel can be found here.

My favourite author: Neil Gaiman [His site is here]. I have been helping my dad find a replacement for Terry Pratchett [His site] as he has Alzheimer’s and is lobbying for euthanasia.

My favourite show: Torchwood. Watched series 1 & 2 in 2 days. Janto, my favorite pairing from any show ever, is one of the many reason’s that I like it. Check it out.

My favourite video:The music video for ‘Rise Above This’ by Seether. See it here.

My favourite actor: Benedict Cumberbatch. He’s the best thing to happen to Sherlock since Basil Rathbone. Here is a picture of him topless. Enjoy.

My favourite movie: Christopher and His Kind. Matt Smith playing gay writer Christopher Isherwood during his time in Nazi Germany. What’s not to like? Watch it here.

My favourite documentary: Dr. Brian Cox’s ‘The Big Bang Machine’. You can watch that here. I would put Dr. Brian Cox as my favourite physicist of the week, but, truth is, he is my favourite physicist of all time.


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