I think daydreams are very important in modern life. If we had no daydreamers then who would find ways to make our television shows more exciting, or make life easier, or write anything even close to the Harry Potter series? “It will be found, in fact, that the ingenious are always fanciful” as Poe wrote in ‘The Murders in the Rue Morgue’, a sentiment with which I agree. In my opinion, daydreams shape our world.

To me, any type of craft is done at the hands of a daydreamer. Sure, people can replicate someone’s work, but it takes a dreamer to create an original. Someone must have been a very avid daydreamer to think that the lactation of other animals would be drinkable, and suitable to be churned, curdled and mixed to make other foods and drinks and even a type of plastic. Or that a peanut based spread, combined with a fruit conserve, on a piece of bread would resemble something edible. Nowadays, everyone knows of this popular food – the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Everybody followed the craze, but would they really have thought of it themselves?

I think writers are the biggest daydreamers of all. You would need to be to create the┬ámini paper-backed universes we call books. There is an old Chinese saying that goes ‘A book is like a magic garden, carried in your pocket’. I’ve always had a very strong love for reading. I read everything from Stephen King to Eoin Colfer, and from Edgar Allan Poe to the back of a cereal box. I think the reason for this passion is that I feel that reading is a medium through which I can tap into these authors’ daydreams, and essentially their psyche.

By looking at E. A. Poe’s work you can see that he is obviously disturbed, with a fascination for the more morbid sides of human nature. He also felt like an outsider, different, a freak, from a very young age, as seen in his poem ‘Alone’. Eoin Colfer, on the other hand, has a very fantastical and unique imagination. His series of books -the Artemis Fowl series- based on the idea that fairies exist, and they live underground in a high-tech ‘Haven’, very conclusively proves this.

In other words, I believe daydreams are an extension of someone’s personality, and these daydreams are expressed in the form of art, writing, music, inventions etc.

I believe that daydreamers are “dedicated to the fact that you can’t dream” as Alkaline Trio put it. they are there to give us these books to take our dreams from; these films to take our perfect image of a man from; these shows to take jokes from; these clever designs to wear to make us look older or younger, skinnier or bustier. Our world would be lost without daydreamers.

Dreams are important, but they can get us into trouble. I was always very imaginative, and would often get brainwaves and need to draw a sketch, or jot an idea down to expand on later, so that I wouldn’t get in trouble for daydreaming when I was supposed to be concentrating on something ‘more important’. I learned this from experience. I’ve been writing short stories since I was about 8 years old. In primary school, my teacher used to always give out to me for daydreaming. He wrote a note about it in my school report every year, without fail. Other than the occasional telling-off at school, I believe that daydreaming has had a very positive effect on my life.

Dreams can also have much more dire consequences. Hitler had a dream of the perfect German. This resulted in the massacre of millions of Jews. This was definitely not a dream to shape our world. Other dangerous dreams are those of Pol Pot, Charles Manson and various terrorist groups/ Though these have one positive effect. They help us prepare for, and defend against various similar ‘visionaries’.

In conclusion, I believe that daydreams are powerful, both in a positive and negative way. They can result in the creation of the television, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and space pens. They can also cause the destruction of countries, mass genocide and the destruction of the polar ice caps. In my experience, dreams have a positive effect on my life. Mine help me aspire to do the best I can, and other’s teach and entertain me in the form of books, clothes, films and art. Daydreams shape the modern world.