Just a bit about little old me

Ummm a bit about me. I’m a tad eccentric, and a bit shy until you get to know me. I don’t sleep that much, and spend every possible moment on the internet, finding memes, Tweeting endlessly, and trolling and the like. All that I know about what I want to be when I grow up is that it involves being taller.

I love reading [manga, sci fi, horror, thriller, comedy], music and watching films [anime, horror, psych thrillers, comedy]. I also enjoy piercings and tattoos [I will be covered by the time I’m 21], homemade gifts, sketches given to me by other people, cooking, making clothes, drawing and reading comics, art supplies, noodles, caffeine, funny shirts, the live penguin cam feed from Dublin Zoo, waking to ramble-ey, 9 page-long texts, singing with my headphones on, GIFs of cats, pretty boys and girls, and photography. These are the things I enjoy, so these are the things I shall blog about.


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