Why A Taxi Update

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Why A Taxi Update

Here is a link to the update on the Tumblr, cos I’m lazy. I’ll do a full update later this week when the etsy is up and running. Until then, please read the short update and keep an eye out for more news.


Update on Why A Taxi’s progress

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Sooooo, it’s been about 2 months since Why A Taxi first became an actual legit plan. It was slow to start, but over the past 2 weeks I seem to have made some serious progress on the getting-stuff-sorted front.

I’ve set up a page on Etsy and done some research into similar products as the ones I hope to sell, comparing prices and quality and so on. I’ve been shopping around for fabrics and other supplies and looked into the possibility of buying wholesale. Plenty of the places I got in contact with shunned me right off the bat, because I wasn’t VAT registered, and so didn’t take me seriously. I also contacted shops about deals in bulk buying, but they were rude and pretty much looked me up and down when I asked as if to say ‘Yeah, like we’d take YOU seriously’.

I finally checked out Woollen Mills in Dublin and sent an email enquiring about VAT registration and whether it was a requirement for buying wholesale and all that jazz and this one called Valerie Roche, as in the Roches that own the place, sent back a really nice email saying that she understood that a lot of new businesses are not VAT registered for the first year or so, and that some online shops don’t need to register at all, because they are so small. She gave me her number and said I should call to set up a meeting in their warehouse, so that we can discuss whether it’s viable for me to buy wholesale and talk about pricing.

This was the best news I’d gotten in a week. I immediately told Jemma, of course, then panicked a bit about the meeting. I knew that if I didn’t look like I was a legit customer then she’d treat me like the rest of the people I’d talked to before. So I’ll have to put on my grown-up clothes and look all professional with an organiser and lists and samples and all that jazz. Jem is obvs coming along cos I would probably have a panic attack and leg it if she didn’t. I really hope that I can pull it off and make a good impression cos wholesale would save me a FORTUNE, meaning that I can sell products cheaper, but still make an amazing profit.

Soooo, I’m in the process of getting my shit together and getting my head in the right place to actually make important decisions. I have my little workshop half set-up in the top floor of my garage, I’m heading to the Woollen Mills shop in Dublin this week to get samples and such, and I’m making some more samples of products that will be up for sale. So, at this rate, I should be up and running by the start of January, taking orders and shipping out.

Just need to get onto the bank about a credit card, and sort out my social welfare payments and I’ll be all set. Getting my sleeping pattern back in order too, setting myself a schedule for work, and actually putting some order to my life. It’s a well-overdue overhaul, so I’m really gonna stick to it. There shall be more updates soon.

A rant, by Angsty McSelf-Pity

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Okay, so I didn’t fill up my queue as I said I would, but meh. Who cares? I was just sitting on my couch, [at 4:30am], drinking beer [by myself], and skimming the Argos catalogue to mark the pages of the things I want to put on my Santa list [I’m 19] and suddenly realised how wrong that picture was, so I decided to do something semi productive and come on here. No real reason, just didn’t feel like wallowing any more.

So. My week has been full of drama- my own and others’- and I am a bit run down. Weeeeeelll, that’s kinda putting it lightly. But however. I have done a lot of designing over the past 2 days, though. I mean, I have never sketched so much in my life. I have cramps in my hand. Anyways, I have designed a lot of dresses and done some begging, and it seems that Why A Taxi is honestly viable. I mean I have confidence in it. And given my serious lack of any confidence whatsoever in anything I do/strive to do/try to do, that is saying a lot. I shall get started on some prototypes pretty soon- as in next week- so that I can get pictures up and get the Tumblr page going. [And also so that I can wear them, but yeah.]

I’m getting my head sorted out too. I mean there is the whole ‘getting-my-shit-in-order’ thing, but I really need to sit down and think about what I’m going to do next year. I want to tell my parents that I was looking at a course in Limerick, where I can do a portfolio and then hopefully get into NCAD or somewhere similar. I really love creating, and I would love to do it for the rest of my life. But, they’re paying for it and such. Plus, my dad disappointed is the worst thing ever. He wants me to do science or something similar. I can understand why, but I just really don’t know. Maybe I’m just caught up in the idea of the store that I can’t really make a proper decision. I don’t know.

Anyways, I think I shall return to my solitary catalogue browsing. This has been a rant. Nos da~

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