My access to the internet doesn’t allow such luxuries, so I shall just have to change it to ‘Whenever I Have Internet’y blogs.

Okay, so catch-up on my news… I moved out to Dundalk. It was all fine and dandy. Myself and Jemma became like a married couple, ridiculously symbiotic. Aaand we had Cathal up almost every weekend to tie to chairs and tables using his own shoelaces, then stay up til 7am with and such. Good times :’)

But… *pause for effect*…I have to move out again. BUM BUM BUMMMMMMMMM! Yeahhh, it costs money and nobody seems to want to give me a job, so I’m off home again after Christmas. Plus Jemma is off to some foreign country on an exchange, and it just wouldn’t be the same. Plus it seems to please my mother, so maybe she’ll be too busy being smug and bugger off for a while.

Ohhhhhh! Drama! So my mother has just been an ASS lately, won’t go into the hideous details, but let’s just say that she makes me very angry indeed. One of these days I WILL Hulk-out. But moving swiftly onwards… There is other drama where friends, exes, family and such are involved, but it’s no more than the usual. I’m pretty much fed up with it at this point, so I’m just going to be a hermit and not even try to deal with them anymore. It’s either that, or go get my dad’s shotgun. I could probably plead insanity but I can’t afford a good lawyer. So hermit it is. HUZZAH!

I’ve been enjoying some amazing shows lately. There’s Sherlock and Doctor Who [naturally, even if I do have to wait til next year for more of them], along with Castle and The Big Bang Theory, but also Cardcaptors and Freakazoid [courtesy of Cathal]. I had forgotten how amazing Freakazoid was. I watched both seasons over the course of 2 days, and plan on watching them again with my dad [cos I’m hxc like that].

Speaking of being hardcore, this Hallowe’en is going to be amazing. Myself and Jemma are going to dress up as Slytherin and Ravenclaw students, respectively. We have robes and ties in our house colours, [made by moi, cos I’m that damn awesome. Lolno, I just have too much time on my hands.] and wands are in progress [also being made by mineself]. There’ll be baking and drink and sweets and kids and sweets and drink and cake and drink. Yup.

So I figure I have ranted enough, so enjoy some filler/queued blogs over the next few days. Fare thee well.