Well, maybe I’ll rant later. I’ve been reading some scintillating stuff. However, I digress. What I’ve been getting up to lately is mostly woolcrafts. Crochet and knitting, really. I decided to teach myself crochet last Tuesday night, and it turns out that I’m actually rather good at it.

Granny Squares

Here’s some crochet I’ve done in the last hour. These granny squares are the start of a blanket for myself, made of wool I found in an old suitcase in our attic.

I found about 20 balls of this wool in the case and just had to start making a scarf out of it. I especially love the blue metallic thread running through it. I put this down beside the squares I crocheted earlier and went off to make some tea, but when I came back I was like ‘LIGHTBULB’ and made the blanket a whole lot more difficult for myself.

I’ve also been working on this Slytherin scarf for a while now. It has been absolute TORTURE. It seemed everything went wrong that could have with this. I added wayyy too many stitches. Welllllll….. that’s a lie, actually. I meant to put that many on. I wanted a long thick scarf. Just didn’t think of the effort involved. Especially seeing as I used 5mm needles, when I could have used much thicker ones with this wool, making it much faster. Then, I miscounted the lines of green between the grey stripes and ended up having to undo about 20 lines and wasting a load of wool then running out of wool 1/5th of the way through cos I wasted so much making it so small-knit, so wide and fixing a mistake nobody would notice. But I would notice. It would genuinely bother me every time I see it/put it on.

That is all I have for this evening. This has been a blog in which I showed off my stuff for no reason and had a mini-rant even though I said I wouldn’t. But I digress.

Remember, keep calm and distract the mothers of the young women you’re corrupting with talk of knitting.

Ciao ciao, all!