So just an update on the megasuperawesomeepicphuntimes I got up to over the last week.

I went to a Hallowe’en/birthday party at my friend, Andie’s on Monday. I was dressed as a Slytherin student,’ cept with the typical pigtails and blouse open down to my crotch under a v-neck :’) Got talking to a very tall guy in a purple suit [Brian, I think?] who is a fellow Slytherin. We then mocked Jemma cos she couldn’t speak Parseltongue, as ya do, then promised to add him on Pottermore.

Tuesday was pretty uneventful, just spent the day clearing up after Monday. Also spoke to a mostly nekkid Anna on Skype with Jemma while eating Haribo :’) On Wednesday, I went to Dublin and hung out with Vikki and Kevin. There was much hugging and giggling, and some very wierd, yet awesome conversations. Then I got my tragus pierced and Viks got her nose done. Then we went to Starbucks, then on to buy some games and basically just walked around in the rain. As ya do. Then I was coning home on the bus and was afraid that I’d gotten on the Bettystown one by accident and panicked until we reached Drogheda. Turned out the people in front of me had gotten on the wrong bus, not me. I would have laughed, ‘cept I was kinda panicking 5 minutes previously.

Thursday was uneventful also, just spent it getting some stuff sorted with Jemma about the store thing. Friday, I got up at 1 pm [as ya do] and got ready and met Chelsie at the bus stop at 3, brought her back to mah house, gave her the tour, then we got pizza and watched Sherlock til my dad came to collect us at about 9. Then I came home, did more setting up/sorting/research/sketching for the store, drank tea til 6.30am and finally decided to sleep.

And thus was my week. So exciting, I know. Bitches can’t handle me. But it’s better than nothing. Hopefully I can go to Mullingar this week, or the week after. It all depends on money really. I’m going to Eirtakon and I’m kinda busy doing prep stuff for that this week, so most likely I won’t get to go til next week. But sure how and ever, all shall be sorted. Hopefully. Though knowing my luck, I’ll be mauled be a giant mutant ant or something on my way to the train station.

Anyhooooo… Until tomorrow, adieu~