I am so fed up of people right now. People with their problems and their backstabbing, their jealousy and immaturity, their ignorance and their lies. They say one thing and mean another, I try to give them what they want and it’s never good enough. Some people moan about you not wanting a relationship, where as others shun you for trying.

I am just SICK to the teeth of it. I try and be happy, but it’s seen as selfish, but then I try to please everybody and I end up frustrated. I just try to find a balance, try to make things stable, but I always end up hurting someone. I’m not Superwoman, for Thor’s sake.  It’s actually gotten to the point where I’m not even trying anymore, and I’m sort of drawing the ones with the least complications closer. I feel so selfish for doing it, but to be honest, it’s either that or getting my dad’s shotgun. For me or them… that part of the plan is still a bit foggy.

So I’m done with people for a while I think. I’m going to focus on getting the non-social aspects of my life in order, throw myself into designing and creating, maybe start jogging again too. I’m probably going to be a total recluse for the summer, working [hopefully], sleeping and eating. Maybe I’ll buy a snake. I’ll have my own Nagini. I’m a Slytherin, we all know Parseltongue. Fuck people, I’ll just need my snake.

So yeah, it’s a hermit’s life for me. I’ll probably still tweet non-stop about my insomnia, what I’m eating and whether it tastes good, but other than that I’ll be in my room the whole time. Well except for when I need to post things, assuming ‘Why A Taxi’ takes off. Fingers crossed. But I’m getting off the point again.

Anyways, this has been a rant. Don’t get too concerned about it, I’ll probably be a big ball of sunshine tomorrow. Welllll………. Maybe the day after. Or the day after… I digress. Point, what is?

Okay, imma conclude this word spewing. Nos da~