I mean, have you ever realised that when you hear a phrase, or watch a show for the first time in a long time, it seems to be everywhere? Like last week I was watching Freakazoid and there was a voice-actor in it who played the grandfather in Spy Kids, then a few days later I watched Repo: The Genetic Opera and the one who plays Carmen is in it, and then I was watching Night at The Museum today, and the one who plays the mum is in it, and my sister started talking about Spy Kids 4D the other day. I was also watching Norm Abram’s show with my dad for the first time in a year, and then the next day I saw the episode of Freakazoid he was in. It was just sooooooo weird.

The same goes for drama. I could drift along for about a month with nothing going on, just nice, boring normalness, but then -WHAM– everything, and I mean everything, goes kaput. I tend to just shut down for about 2 days at least, and sometimes much more if I have nothing to distract me. Like the store for instance. And getting everything done for Friday. Thank Thor for my determination to prove my mother wrong, or I could have been in a serious funk for about 2 weeks. Yayyyyy self-pity /sarcasm.

But yeah, also getting organised is helping distract me.  I’m making a conscious effort to keep things tidy in my room, I’m going out of my way to file things properly and even just keep deadlines and ideas in order in my head. It seems to be working so far on making me less stressed. Maybe it’s just because I’m busy, but I find that I don’t want to kill everybody in my house this weekend. I usually want to shoot at least somebody, but no. I’d settle for maiming instead.

So basically what I’m saying is that in just 2 days, things have started looking up. Actually having a goal seems to be looking up. Though that pep talk Jemma gave me, where she handed me 1,000 metaphorical euros and asked what I’d give her for that, really helped a lot. Figured out what I’d like to do as a viable job. If your interested in her counselling services, she also does dream analysis for €50 a session, but I wouldn’t expect any more than ‘Your dream means that you’re afraid of something and of death and *insert random person from your dream here* represents this fear’. You wouldn’t need any more sessions. Ever. Just apply that to every dream you ever have. It’s all you ever need. I swear she could write horoscopes.

I’ve gotten way off the point, but however. That is all for tonight. Nos da~

[p.s. Welsh seems to be my go to language for saying goodnight. I have no idea why. Though it’s probably because I wish I could speak Welsh. Such a funny language :’) Anyways, again- Nos da.]