Could my family be and more supportive? I THINK NOT! /sarcasm

I mentioned the online store idea to my dad and he just kinda nodded, and passed it off as one of my little projects. He didn’t even ask me about it. My sister didn’t get why I was doing it at all. And the mother said it was a stupid idea and that I was wasting my time and “her” money. I don’t even…

Anyways, I slept from 7am to 11am, got up and made a fry-up for all of la famille, then dressed and went outside to take my frustration out on some logs. The anger had been building steadily up for about a week, so hacking wood to bits with a hatchet was rather therapeutic.

I then came inside, discussed my future in 3rd level education with the parents. It was like banging my head against a brick wall that had been re-inforced with steel and has metal spikes sticking out of it. I then resigned myself to the internet til my little brother, Harry, came in dragging a duvet and demanded that we “have a cuggle and watch some Doctorrr on the ‘puter”. That child makes everything better.

Then, when he fell asleep, I went back to the internet, and decided to knit some cup-warmers. As ya do. I then drew FIM pony versions of people and listened to Benedict Cumberbatch’s wonderful voice for about an hour, cos I’m just that hxc. I also despaired at the fact that I left my 3 new ps2 games in Dundalk, but then realized that I probably wouldn’t have gotten anything useful done if I hadn’t.

I love procrastinating so much. Though in fairness, I think even work I’m putting into organising stuff for the store is procrastination too. I’m doing it, rather than focussing on getting an actual job or applying for courses or exams -siiigh- Well at least it’s kinda productive.

Anyways, enough of this. Off to sketch some more and drink about a 253478645387 cups of tea. Buonanotte~