I said I was gonna queue some posts, but life kinda got in the way of me posting at all sooo~

Um, BIG NEWS! I have no idea what I want to do next year. Again. I was all set on going back to do the maths repeat and possibly do something in physics, but I’m not so sure any more. I was looking at a fashion course in Limerick [I know, a bit of a 360° turn-about, but hey.] that really seems like my thaaang, yanno? They do a portfolio in the 1st yr them you can use that as a stepping stone into other fashion courses in other colleges and stuff that are linked to it. It all seems a pretty sweet deal, but I really don’t know. Not looking forward to discussing it with the rentals, in any case.

But anyways, the thing that actually got me thinking about a course with a portfolio in the first place is the idea of setting up an online store for nerdy merch and hand-made costumes. I was talking to Jemma, my housemate about it, and she has actually helped me take it seriously and start developing some proper ideas. We’re planning to go to Eirtakon next Friday, wearing some of my costumes and handmade jewellery, and carry about some plushies I’ve made, along with some of Jem’s drawings and such. Try and generate some interest, yanno? Be all ‘Look at our stuff, it’s so awesome. Now go and place orders plz’. We’ve even designed a logo, and done up business card type things to hand out. I’m quite excited about the whole thing if I’m honest.

I just want to get started so I can generate some kind of income, and start to get back on my feet again. I’ve had a feeling of helplessness recently, that I can’t quite shake, but I think if I do something useful, things might start to look up. I’m pretty dedicated, and I’ve gotten pretty far with the plans in the past few days. I’d always loved to have done something like this, and [like I told Jem] nobody had really taken me seriously about it before.

So, moving swiftly on, I shall have Why A Taxi’s Tumblr and Facebook page up and running by tomorrow hopefully. I’ll post links, along with some pics of sketches and possibly our logo.

Until then, nos da~