My favourite book has to be ‘Perks of Being a Wallflower,’ by Stephen Chboski. I am going to sound all dramatic and clichéd now, but this book really saved my life. My previous favourite book had been ‘The Catcher in the Rye’, which is quite similar, but this book topped it. I don’t know whether it was because it was in a more modern setting, or because it actually made sense for Charlie to have a mental breakdown, but it just appealed to me more.

It is a book about adolescence, but not your usual teen drama rubbish. It is about introversion, which I can really identify with, and about the effect of  the suicide of a loved one, which, unfortunately, I can also identify with.

Another aspect of Charlie’s personality that is similar to mine is his  tendancy to be fascinated by words and their power. He talks about quotes and lyrics, and finding them inspiring. I am the same. And I don’t mean rubbish, pop, lovey-dovey song lyrics, that teenage girls put as their status on Facebook, and say that it’s like the song was written about her and her boyfriend, who have only been going put for a couple of weeks, but she loves him, she really does.

I’m talking about beautiful phrases, marvels of the english language, that are put to the music that you can almost hear when the words are merely spoken aloud. I love the musical and poetic quality of certain words and phrases, and Charlie mentions this as well. There is one thing Charlie says that he adapted from a song lyric, ‘I want to feel infinite’. This was very moving for me and I remembered it ever since. I am actually getting it tattoo’ed on my ribs, one of the sorest places to get tatt’ed, it means that much to me.

On the other hand, my favourite series of books has to be Harry Potter. I just love how J.K. Rowling really thought about the story and made it fit in with the real world. I was always fascinated by the idea of magic and witchcraft, but the books really make you believe that it is possible for this whole other world to be hidden away behind the back wall of a pub in London that nobody notices.

I pretty much grew up with Harry, and the books were a large part of my life [even though I never liked Harry’s character. The ‘bad boy’ Draco was always my favourite]. I have a Harry Potter themed tattoo, and plan on getting more. The books are beautifully written, and are so plausible, that I still live in hope that my owl just got lost on my 11th birthday, and it’ll arrive eventually.