CAUTION! Venty blog! And I don’t mean a blog that is the result of a 20 oz. Starbucks coffee [that’d be so good right now though…]. I mean a blog where I complain a bit and tell you random useless facts. So beware.

I woke this morning thinking it was Wednesday for some strange reason. This made me panic as I have an assignment due on Friday that I haven’t worked on since last week [and I was given at the start of the summer, but let’s not go there]. I then spent about 4 hours working on my website repeat assignment thing and made some serious progress. I decided it was time for a break from code, and hurried off for noodles, but when I was in the kitchen, my sister decided to use my laptop without asking. She changed user and checked her Facebook, then shut down the computer and came out to the kitchen to steal some of my noodles.

Let me reiterate. She SHUT DOWN my laptop. Despite the 125367435634835121 warnings that pop up saying that there’s unsaved work on the other user.  I still had my assignment open in Dream Weaver when I left it. And I hadn’t saved in a while. I may have cried a little. So since then I have been slaving away, while she brings me cups of tea, so I’ll forgive her for the damage she caused.

But I’m about 2/3 of the way there and I’ve actually made some improvements. Mostly cos I sorta forgot what I was doing and made a hack job of repairing stuff, and wasn’t arsed to fix/tidy it all up. But now it’s all clean and pretty :]

Moving some of my stuff out to Dundalk on the 1st. I have some of the stuff like books and such packed already and I’ve got a suitcase half-filled. I really cannot wait to go, kinda because of the independence, but mostly because of the shenanigans I know Jemma and myself shall get up to. Also, I shall do more exercising than ever, because, if not, I would be seriously fat as Jemma and I can both cook/bake. Running after Dave, cos he won’t stay put when we’re trying to hurt him, seems to be at the top of the exercising activities list. So fun times shall be had. There is the whole lack of tv/internet/other essentials from the house but it’ll all work out.

I will miss being able to sit with my tea and watch a load of stuff I’ve recorded on Sky+, like I’m about to do right now, but there’ll be other perks :] I’m going to try to blog everyday, so topic suggestions would be awesome as I am terrible at coming up with new ones.  But, however, I have Primevil to watch. So until tomorrow, gute nacht!