I love blogs of all types. I personally have a Tumblog and a YouTube channel as well as this and there are many different styles of blogs that I follow. My 3 favourite bloggers of all time have to be YouTuber, Charlieissocoollike, artist Zappa Blamma and writer Neil Gaiman.

CharlieissocoolikeCharlie is a nerdy 20-year-old from England. He lives with his friend and fellow famous YouTuber, Nerimon. He makes comic shorts, music videos and vlogs. He can play many instruments, and has a band called ‘Chameleon Circuit’, who perform songs based on the series ‘Doctor Who’. He often uses his YouTube fame to help raise money for various charities. He formed a band with some other famous YouTubers [Nerimon, Hexachordal and Eddplant], called ‘Sons of Admirals’, and helped promote ‘ChartJackers’ who both released songs for charity.

Zappa BlammaJohn is a 18-year-old student and artist from London. He is a chronic doodler and posts his creations on his own website. He sells some of his pieces to pay for his art supplies. He hasn’t had an art class since he was 13, but he doesn’t let that stop him. He did an interview last year which can be seen here. He draws mainly dinosaurs and monsters, though sometimes he does math or logic jokes in the form of short comics. He also promotes his work by attaching small adhesive stickers, or painted tiles on walls, bus-stops and doors.

Neil GaimanNeil is a famous horror and fantasy writer, and is one of my favourites. He has written alongside Sir Terry Pratchett in the book ‘Good Omens’, and his own book ‘Stardust’ was made into a very successful film. He has won many awards for his works, but finds it rather humbling and doesn’t hesitate to answer a fan’s question. He has his own website which features his journal. He blogs about the most ordinary things in his life with all the wit and wonderful penmanship that he applies to his books, which makes it great reading.