There are a few high points of my year in college, but the best were

  • My first ever day


  • Christmas time

On the first day, I was overwhelmed. It was all new and shiny, and kind of larger than life. I didn’t know anyone, and was afraid I was going to get lost. I recognised a few faces from the registration day, but not many. We were given a tour by Anya, and a guy started making jokes. I’m not great at that whole ‘socializing’ hogwash, but I decided ‘new step, new me’ so I introduced myself to Dave, and we’ve been pretty much inseparable ever since. I’d to go to his apartment at lunch for a free cup of coffee, which was always a plus. I discovered that we had ‘Creative Design’, which was fantastic because I had given up art in school and regretted it ever since. There was also a writing class, which was basically English, that I loved too. English had been my favourite subject in school.

I absolutely LOVE Christmas time, but it was especially great during my first year of college. I’d get to the college and disembark from the bus, bundled up in a coat, scarf and hat, and then walk the long way through the Engineering building, greeting familiar faces on their way to get a cheap cup of coffee, then the Whitaker building and out into the cold for the last stretch to the Carrolls Building. There were so many hipsters photographing untrampled snow, that I made it my duty to walk in front of as many of them as possible on my way to the door, ruining their shot. It cheered me up for the whole day. The whole place really was a picture though. It was covered completely in snow, the garish sun throwing its light on it, making it sparkle like a blanket woven from spiderwebs. People joined together to build snowmen and throw snowballs. They’d return inside to defrost their fingers by wrapping them around a cup of coffee, and peel off sodden layers of coats, stray snowflakes still melting on their hair and eyelashes.